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Ève Smith - Photographer & Owner

Eve Smith Personal brand photography

Hi there, I'm Eve. Here is the short version of my story:

  • Born in France (yes, I speak French fluently)

  • Immigrated to SA with my parents when I was 15 - a looong time ago!

  • Got my HNDip in Marketing & Sales Management

  • Married to a Yorkshire-man for the last 28 years 

  • 2 beautiful & super smart children

  • My fur-baby Labradog Mojo is also my assistant as you can see in the photo

  • Spent 18 years in IT. I was a Senior Software Developer for a leading SA corporate when our whole team was retrenched and gave me the opportunity to be a Momtrepreneur and improve my skill sets as a part time photographer.

  • Kids leaving school allowed me to go into photography full-time and I launched my Eve Smith Productions business in 2016. 

  • I love Champagne and Gin & Tonic!

I have spent a good chunk of my working life in IT, but I have always loved taking photos and capturing life’s moments in my spare time. Even before the invention of digital cameras and cell phones, I always carried a pocket camera in my bag! In 2010, I left the corporate world and become a full time photographer. Weddings and lifestyle photography became my new life and I love being my own boss! ​

I discovered Personal Brand photography when one of my clients enquired about a shoot. Researching and learning how to shoot Personal Branding got me super excited as I could see the impact I could make in helping clients creating their brand and taking control of their future! ​

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you need a LOT more than one portfolio head-shot; you need an online image makeover! ​​You need a gallery of one-of-a-kind photos that communicate your brand aesthetic, unique personality and brand story.


I get very excited at planning a Personal Brand Story shoot with my client, and because it is a lot of work, that is the reason why we developed the Personal Branding Photo Shoot Guide in order to streamline the process. 

Every Personal Brand Story is unique. And for this reason I treat every client in such a way and different packages are available to customise your needs. My goals with a Personal Brand Story photo shoot is to help a business stand out and thrive in their niche, further develop their brand presence & communicate a story.

Eve Smith Personal brand photography

So whether you are launching a new business, or re-inventing yourself with updated images reflecting your personal transformations and business growth you’ve undergone, your head-shots are the first thing people will see when they land on your website. And as a smart business person that you are, you know how much first impressions count. ​

So let me help you plan a Personal Brand photoshoot that fits your personality and the way you want to show up online – Let’s tell YOUR story TOGETHER!​

I look forward to helping you tell a great Story!

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